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Before NMOBILE: “Very often we need to pick and pack large orders of more than 3000 IMEIs. We tried many scanners but there was no software capable of handling the volume. The only way to scan the 2D Barcodes was using Excel and then copying to NAV tables. You can imagine the warehouse workers struggling to do their jobs: little processing circle in NAV going round and round, re-arranging data in excel…ops! deleted some rows by mistake, omg! the whole thing just disappeared, pallets pilling up in the packing floor and the list of issues goes on. The process turned into a nightmare of excel files all over the place. Of course, to locate the files and attach to orders was a very time consuming and more than once we provided the wrong file to the customers due to human error.

After NMOBILE: With NMOBILE SUITE we can scan any number of pallets to fulfill large orders in matter of minutes, we can move cartons from one pallet to another, we can keep track of the IMEIs. Everything goes to NAV and gets attached to each order, we can track every single IMEI back to the origin. No more excel files. We can now take pictures of the pallet and attach directly to the order in NAV…This is awesome”

Jacobo tax is a tax prepare services company (www.jacobotax.com):

Before NMOBILE: “During tax season, there are very long lines outside Jacobo’s office. Sometimes he needed to stay opened until midnight or later. There are multiple preparers that work their own clients. Documents are everywhere.”

After NMOBILE: The clients are using the NMOBILE App to transmit tax documents to the preparer and place orders for other services.

The preparer gets notified and starts working using the documents that the client send using the NMOBILE App.

Once the preparer completes the tax return, he/she uploads the document to the client. Clients receives a notification.

Client can see, email or print any document from the NMOBILE app.

Clients do not have to make a line outside the office any longer. Clients can carry their tax documents safely in their mobile devices.

Jacobo published the App in Apple and Google Play stores looking to double his customer base.